The Health Valley

Quinta do Paço

The one-of-a-kind health valley will offer premium houses and apartments to buy or rent, while featuring extended medical facilities to cater for the residents' wellbeing. With the 127ha area's fantastic selection of activities, Quinta do Paço will be an excellent choice for anyone seeking an active lifestyle, while still being able to rely on the immediate proximity of high-end medical services and staff.


As in all RIDDLE resort projects, nutrition will be a central part of the services on site, with expert chefs and individual nutrition plans supporting our guests' and residents' health and longevity. Sports opportunities such as horseback riding and tennis, as well as barrier-free buildings and a high level of electric mobility will make Quinta do Paço an incredible place to live and get healthy. 70% solar-powered and self-sufficient on a large amount of the fruit and vegetable selection served, this is the health valley of the future.

Resort Features

The Quinta do Paço resort takes our nutrition concept to a new and very active level, while maintaining a high standard of luxury hospitality.
Featuring for-sale houses and apartments with a swimming pool each, a five-star hotel, comprehensive medical and nutritional facilities and an overwhelming array of activities, the project is bound to gain traction with an international clientele. With the plot already secured, it represents an exceptional opportunity for investors who care for a high-profile concept.

Designated Land Area

127 hectares

Distance to next Airport

30 min.

Resort Luxury Index

Quinta do Paço can be reached via Faro airport, which is only 40 km away and served by all major airlines – from Star Allicance members such as British Airways and Lufthansa to economy airlines such as EasyJet and Vueling. A shuttle service to the resort will be provided.

Golden Visas

If you choose to invest and purchase a property in Quinta do Paço, you can benefit from the country's generous visa policy for major investors.

Organic Landscapes

Citrus and orange trees along vegetable fields

With nutrition at the core of its concept, the resort will be able to generate a lot of its own organic produce. Extensive fields, permacultures and clean water, built and attended by experts in alimentation. All surounded by recovering wildlife, bees and birds, as well as hundreds of newly planted trees.

Exploring the Resort

The extensively re-naturalised resort offers a wide range outdoor activities. Hiking, Nordic Walking or riding a bicycle – there are numerous ways to explore the beautiful surroundings. You will find an ideal environment to find calm and inner peace, while staying active at the same time.

  • Hiking paths
  • Bicycle trails
  • Woods & lakes
  • Organic gardens

Horseback Riding

At the heart of the resort, a premium paddock will be built to meet the highest standards. Horse riding activities for leisure, sports or therapeutic purposes will be available to all residents and guests and fit perfectly into the grafted nature scenery.

  • Certified instructors
  • Up to 40 thoroughbred horses
  • Equestrian sports
  • Horse-assisted therapy

The Portuguese Village

The vivid and atmospheric Portuguese Lifestyle

Amid lakes and beautiful nature, there will be an authentic Portuguese village – not only providing a fine sense of the local flair, but also a string of shops and cafés: places to meet and a centre of local life. Roaming the pretty streets, meeting friends and enjoying a high quality of living: that is what matters.

Sports Activities

Plenty of sports opportunities including trails and courts are being planned at the resort. Leading an active lifestyle while finding the safety and comfort of excellent medical facilities on site will be an appealing combination to many.

  • Tennis
  • Workout
  • Cycling
  • Jogging
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi

Nutrition Activities

The active, medically assisted lifestyle offered at Quinta do Paço will be supported by extensive options to learn about and adopt an optimal nutrition diet. Eating right and understanding our individual metabolism is key to a long and healthy life.

  • Nutrition workshops
  • Expert programmes
  • Individual diets
  • Establishing healthy routines

An Exceptional
Nutrition Concept

Michelin Cuisine

All meals at the Quinta do Paço Resort are prepared by renowned chefs.

Organic Supplies

Many fruit and vegetable supplies are grown in organic gardens on site.

Based on a profound nutritional analysis, each meal is prepared individually.

Health & Enjoyment

Directed at long-time health benefits, this rich diet will be a pleasure to adapt.

"This is the most exciting project I have ever pushed forward. It will be a thrill to see it come to life."

Jeremy Nock, President Riddle SAS